Website Design & Development

A website that is not part of an overall marketing strategy is just a website.

A website needs to be an element of the overall marketing strategy, a medium for delivering the marketing strategy message. A website needs to be treated as a living breathing organism, something that is nurtured and developed over time. When this is true, traffic will be constantly driven to the website via other activities that the strategy has determined. When this is not true, there will be a heavy reliance on traffic from highly competitive organic search results.

As a professional web design & development company we will always place your marketing strategy at the forefront of any design and development work that we do for you.

You do not have a formal marketing strategy... we will help you to develop one that you can take forward and drive the business with.

Lead Generation Through Effective Websites

Using a mixture of Nomis own extensive business marketing and sales knowledge, creating, maintaining and making corporate websites is a service that Nomis business web development team can offer. Our team will create your website that will cover two main aspects:

  • Website Design & Development
    Graphically pleasing, easy to navigate, informative and easy to use. Nomis web development team can create aesthetically pleasing corporate web sites that retain user interest and deliver the right information
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Our web development team will create a site with SEO in mind to help with indexing in the main search engines. Our SEO marketing programs and advice can help with getting business websites to be successful

e-mail Marketing

Nomis' own business marketing experience can offer not only advice on how to target customers and prospects but can create HTML email marketing campaigns direct to customers or from permission based email lists.

Online Marketing

Our experience in creating and delivering websites as well as the running of our own web sites gives us the knowledge to offer advice and help in getting the most from a website and the best ways of connecting with new customers. Online marketing with reference to notable systems like like blogging, social media, social networking etc. is a the minimum to consider in getting your message out to your prospects and customers.

Website Design & Development

Nomis specialises in creating functional, productive and usable websites for businesses that want to make their site work for them in attracting new business. At Nomis the idea of good business website design is to make the information a client has as easily available as possible without restricting the user in getting it.

As a UK based web design specialist we see the aim of any website is to attract people who are looking for answers to specific questions and letting them access that information in our clients sites. To effectively create a working corporate web design the two factors that we focus on are:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
    For a site to be effective it must be found, this means that it must be indexed by all the major search engines. More details can be found about Search Engine Optimisation in our SEO section . Nomis web design aims to create corporate websites that are as easy to read by search engines as their readers.
  • Delivering Information and Generating Interest
    Once someone has found a clients site, the idea is to deliver information quickly and efficiently and also impart satisfaction to the end user resulting in greater trust in the clients products and corporate image. Achieving this will result in greater conversions of end user to prospective customers.


The Elements of Good Web Design

In designing clean professional corporate web projects there are a few main factors that are important in making a business website work. Simply having a business website is no longer sufficient in gaining new prospects or traffic. Using Nomis experience and expertise in sales & marketing we can offer advice on what is most appropriate for designing for UK based business. Things to be considered before and during web projects are :

  • Website Objectives
    Clearly defining what you want your business website to achieve can focus the design of a website more specifically to your business needs
  • Defining Target Markets
    By focusing on your market you can optimise your site to get better conversions from traffic to your website
  • Navigation and Usability
    At Nomis we think that making a website easy to navigate and easy to use makes it more likely for users to explore your business and increase the probability of returning in the future
  • Sales Processes
    Business on the internet works slightly differently to Business-to-Consumer sites mainly because the nature of the business is relationship based rather than transactional and can take a lot longer to establish with many factors involved in making even the tiniest decisions. Understanding your entire sales process and where the website fits into the system gives you the power in fully exploiting the website's power to aid in your business.

Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is by the fastest, cheapest and easiest form of advertising and marketing open to business today. More cost effective and more successful than direct marketing methods, direct email marketing to existing customers or permission based email marketing lists can benefit your business in many ways.

Nomis can create a HTML email marketing campaign that is targeted, focussed, informative and personalised to a clients needs. These types of messages can help you to create an ongoing dialogue with your current client base, or drive prospects to your company.

"We found the profile by clients seeing quality promotional e-shots far out weighs the minimal set up and design costs" 
Jonathon Story
Former Director - Penguins

For a one off payment for a HTML email marketing template and a nominal charge for updating your e-marketing messages Nomis' email marketing service can offer you the choice of spending your money on what is most important to you; getting your message out to your customers.

Email Marketing Software

Alternatively, with Maximizer CRM you can create your own email marketing campaigns and monitor and track results and information whenever you want. Maximizer CRM is primarily a CRM solution which can also be used as email marketing software. Nomis can train your company to use Maximizer CRM so that you don't have to pay any third party for the privilige of getting the information from email marketing campaigns. Nomis can still help in creating HTML email marketing if clients want to create emails that are customised, but Maximizer CRM gives clients the opportunity to use email marketing whenever they want.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Gone are the days when creating a website was all that was needed to gain revenue from the internet. As with all things the nature of the internet has changed and become more competetive. Relatively new terms like "SEO", "SEM" and "Optimisation" are common throughout the internet community and the evidence shows that in making a website successful, time and effort over a continuous period of time must be invested.

SEO or as it is sometimes called search engine marketing (SEM) is a special process that is geared to one result; better indexing and ranking in search engines. It can be a time consuming process and because of the nature of the task involved, can not be quantifiable.

Beware: There is no such thing as a guaranteed placing in search engines. Do not trust anyone who can guarantee top positions

The reason for this is that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN keep their search engine software methods a secret. What works today, might not work tomorrow. Search Engine Optimisation can be a fickle business.

Nomis use only the recommended "organic" methods of optimising web sites, using no quick hacks or tricks to fool search engines for quick results. Nomis approves a simple, trustworthy approach to getting indexed by search engines that over time will pay dividends.

Search Engine Marketing Service

As part of any business web design project that we undertake SEO advice is offered and undertaken at the outset. We have found that creating a site with SEO in mind is far easier in the long run than optimising an existing site.

However, we do not have to have be the creators of a web site for us to give advice on search engine optimisation, we are more than willing to give advice on how to optimise existing websites so that you can maximise your business potential.