Nomis Limited :

Experience in Business & Management Consultancy

Nomis Limited has been helping organisations maximise their sales performance by the delivery of systems and services since 1992. Nomis's experience in sales has been invaluable in the development of SymVolli®, Nomis's own sales process and pipeline management system classified as sales performance management software.

Nomis Limited is a recognised business partner of Maximizer Software Limited, promoting, selling and supporting Maximizer, the leading-edge CRM suite.

Nomis limited's experience in offering personalised business improvement is based on our detailed management consultancy with customers. Nomis’s detailed and thorough approach in gathering and analysing all the information relevant to our clients’ business objectives and processes is what helps in identifying, implementing and supporting the right business solution.

Sales Market Research

With Nomis Limited, sales & marketing are not words that are used lightly. The experience that Nomis has in sales lead generation and management, managing the prospect and pipeline management for the past 15 years is testimony to the effectiveness of our business knowledge.

Nomis' experience in sales & marketing offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain an insight into your own business. With a detailed sales market research plan, Nomis Limited can offer a decisive business plan that will offer your business a better targeted strategy and Return on Investment.

Sales Marketing in the UK

With our knowledge of sales performance management, CRM and SFA and a dedicated business partnership with one of the leading CRM companies in the world in Maximizer, Nomis Limited's knowledge of targeted Sales & Marketing in the UK is coupled with an equally important knowledge of up to date intelligent software systems that can afford your business valuable help in your sales & marketing efforts.

"Nomis have been a valued Consultant in the specific area of Sales support and training for over 10 years." 
(John O'Hagan Caprari Pumps General Manager)

What many people assume CRM/SFA and sales performance management software does is cut time consuming activities. To a certain degree they do, but Nomis Limited can offer a realistic training in this software that really benefit the targeted sales & marketing initiatives of your business. Simply having software is not enough to benefit your business, having the knowledge to use these tools and maximising their potential is the key thing; this Nomis Limited can give you.

Opportunities and Careers with Nomis

We are always on the look out for talented individuals who are dedicated and enthusiastic in a range of different skills.

If there are no jobs listed below we will still welcome any applications from people who are sales and marketing based who wish to join and expand their skills and increase their potential. In this case, if you would like to join Nomis please send us an email with the subject line "Nomis Job Application" and attach your CV. The details of our email and contact details are on a contact page.