Get To Know Your Client

Successful organisations have processes based on their clients' practices by which they promote, sell, and delivers their products and services. They have their processes documented so that they can analyse them and determine what has made them successful and how to capitalise on it.

The NOMIS Framework

Over the past 17 years we have worked with our clients and in that time built up knowledge and expertise in defining, implementing, and refining client facing processes.

We keep it simple so that it does not become an academic exercise or an administrative burden. It's all based on the word NOMIS.

  • Need - What issues are you addressing that help your clients?
  • Organisation - What are the resources required to satisfy your customers' needs and how do they interact?
  • Market - Where do you find your customers?
  • Industry - Who is trying to do the same thing and what makes you different?
  • Strategy - How do you reach your clients, with what, and when?

How Do We Helps Our Clients?

Unfortunately, due to time and resource demands process analysis isn't something done on a continual basis if at all, but the benefits of continued analysis are undeniable - greater market awareness, customer satisfaction, all leading to more sales. Using the NOMIS Framework we help organisations improve their processes to have satisfied customers and also cut the time taken to deliver their products and services with less resource expenditure. This framework is used in the three key areas of promoting, tracking and managing customer facing business activity and can be supported by the various technology solutions within the Nomis product portfolio:

  • Promotion - Web Design and Development
  • Tracking - Maximizer
  • Management - SymVolli

B2B Sales

Using the NOMIS Framework we review and advise our clients on their business to enable them to maximise their business opportunities. B2B companies offer their products and services mainly in one of two ways or a mixture of the two.

Direct Channel Sales Management

In the Direct Channel via establishing and managing a strong and focused sales team and by developing sales plans (at the company, team, or individual level), that clearly define:

  • Performance Objectives
  • Incentive Schemes
  • Territory and/or Market Sectors

We can also set up sales management and reporting processes to suit the company's sales environment and establish processes that can help in the ongoing monitoring and development of sales skills.

Indirect Channel Sales Management

For the Indirect Channel activities in support of a route to market include:

  • Developing strong management and reporting processes for the channel.
  • Developing the appropriate sales plan that will motivate the indirect organisation and also ensure that channel conflict does not occur.
  • Providing all the back up services required by the channel to help them sell, such as product training and promotion tools.
  • Implementing marketing communications campaigns to generate leads for the indirect channel.


B2B Marketing

Business to Business marketing is usually, but not always, a more complex method of communicating with a company's prospective customers than B2C mainly because traditional forms of marketing aren't as effective in fully informing prospects about products and services. A simple product can be advertised on mainstream media very easily whilst complicated products need more time and more information delivery for prospects to understand what you are selling and make the correct decisions. That is why B2B marketing tends to involve a lot of person to person interaction in conjuction with marketing activity.

Business to Business Interaction

We work with our clients by using the NOMIS Framework to develop their marketing processes and in creating effective B2B marketing campaigns that fully take advantage of marketing activities so that the front line sales people can engage with prospects and find more sales. The key to effective B2B marketing is in creating the right mix between activity and engagement, for example - a clever and thought provoking email marketing campaign will rarely work to its full potential if you haven't an effective method of following up either with telemarketing operatives or from individual sales people.

We can help you with delivering the right B2B marketing campaign and help you organise your sales process to take advantage from such activities.


B2B Customer Service


Customer retention is based on customer satisfaction.  We work with our clients to establish effective and efficient processes based on the NOMIS Framework that are the foundation of delivering a customer service that gives satisfaction.  For business to business companies this is a crucial element in not only maintaining clients but also the satisfied customer base acting as a one of the best marketing tools available, 'word of mouth'.

Business to Business Satisfaction

To achieve satisfaction for our clients we make it a point to talk to their clients to understand what they expect, how they expect it, when and where.  It's so easy to develop a process that works seamlessly within the organisation, but the question should always come back to, is delivering satisfaction for the customer.

We at Nomis have a track record of satisfying our customers' needs, especially in difficult times, so we use that experience to help you with your clients.