Sales Performance Management (SPM): What Is It?

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a coordinated and integrated set of sales-related processes and systems that help organisations meet sales goals . Sales-related processes are a series of customer-focussed steps that help sales professionals to substantively increase win rates, improve customer retention and grow sales. Each step consists of several key activities and has a predictable, measurable outcome. The process needs to be designed and managed to achieve the best results. Read more

Sales Forecasting: What Is It?

The prediction of sales opportunity outcomes based on behavioural and performance trends of the the sales person, product, market sector, and clients, that is used for management, planning and decision making. 

SymVolli = Accurate Sales Forecasting

SymVolli is Nomis’s sales performance management solution focused on delivering accurate sale forecasts thereby maximizing sales performance.  It compliments Customer Relationship Management solutions by taking a strategic view of the sales situation, a process driven approach, rather than purely focussing on activity. Read more

There are three key components to the solution:

Consultancy – We work with organisations to defining and refine their sales process so that it can be used in monitoring and effectively managing opportunities, to deliver a pipeline that has credibility throughout the organisation. Read more

Training – Educating all personnel involved in sales to have a very good understanding of sales process management, pipeline management, opportunity management, and account management with the goal of increasing new sales, retaining existing customers, so that sales objectives are achieved. Read more

The System -  The SymVolli system focuses on delivering reliable and credible sales forecasts  through effective opportunity management and pipeline management, which contribute to maximizing sales performance. Read more