Customer Relationship Management (CRM): What Is It?

What is Customer Relationship Management?  What is CRM?  How often do you hear this and how many times has somebody given you a satisfactory answer? 

Depending on who you are speaking to CRM means different things to different people.  Suppliers will claim that they provide CRM solutions but the customer's perception of CRM can be something totally different.  Our philosophy at Nomis is more aligned to the following definition:

"CRM (customer relationship management) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way. For example, an enterprise might build a database about its customers that described relationships in sufficient detail so that management, salespeople, people providing service, and perhaps the customer directly could access information, match customer needs with product plans and offerings, remind customers of service requirements, know what other products a customer had purchased, and so forth.

According to one industry view, CRM consists of:

  • Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team.
  • Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing processes (for example, taking orders using mobile devices)
  • Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying the most profitable customers and providing them the highest level of service.
  • Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their customers, understand and identify customer needs and effectively build relationships between the company, its customer base, and distribution partners."


Maximizer CRM

Since its inception Maximizer has been at the forefront in providing organizations with a centralized, simple and affordable solution for managing customer information. It has always sought to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency from the early days as a contact management system through to the new-look and exciting new version of a comprehensive and intuitive customer relationship management system.

Covering all aspects of CRM Maximizer helps to increase sales, generate high quality leads, raise productivity and revenues and organize, automate and streamline business processes. Maximizer makes it easier anticipating and responding to customer needs in real time resulting in increased revenues, reduction of costs and a greater level of customer retention.

Get To Your Customers Before The Competition

Real Time Sales Information At Your Fingertips. 
Develop Customer Relationships To Ensure Sales Success

Maximizer CRM makes it easy for your teams to work together more effectively, share and access information from anywhere, anytime and anyhow to make a positive impact with prospects and customers.

  • Gain real-time insight into your sales pipeline and sales performance with business intelligence dashboards and reports
  • Manage your customer relationships from enquiry to close and beyond
  • Apply your company's sales processes/methodology to bring through consistency to your sales forecasts and understanding of where you are in the sales cycle
  • Be alerted, via email, of any new leads which have been generated or any pitfalls which could be fast approaching
  • Understand the decision-making process and who the decision makers are
  • Remain focused on the top priority customers and opportunities
  • Track progress towards sales targets
  • Respond in a timely fashion with all the relevant information to hand  including quotes, orders, project details, emails, calls etc.
  • Using MaxMobile respond to customer demands where ever you might be
  • Avoid the 'car crash' scenario of not knowing what interaction is taking place with prospects/customers by other members of your organisation
  • Consolidate all communications with prospects/customers centrally in one database
  • Pursue leads quickly and efficiently with word processor and email templates
  • Know your prospects and who you are talking to by researching them on LinkedIn®, Facebook® and Google® before making any contact

Targeted Marketing For A Greater ROI

Efficient Use Of A Marketing Budget.  Generate Qualified Leads To Fuel Sales

Carrying out marketing campaigns with Maximizer CRM makes it easier to know and understand your audience and refine the messages accordingly.  With focused targeted marketing, marketing costs are reduced and response rates are increased generating quality leads for sales to pursue.

  • Generate high quality leads using email campaigns
  • Calculate the ROI of campaigns and use the information to fine tune future campaigns
  • Send relevant, targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Comply with privacy laws avoiding costly compliance costs.
  • Give customers the option to opt out of campaigns and update their record automatically
  • Schedule a series of automated emails based on customer/prospect actions and profiles using workflow
  • Stay abreast with the progress of campaigns with real time mobile dashboards displaying metrics on your smartphone
  • Track landing page URLs in your email campaign
  • Create campaigns via web access as well as on your Windows desktop

Customer Satisfaction Equals Repeat Business

Keep Customers Satisfied, Loyal And Profitable

Customer satisfaction is the key to customer retention and repeat business.  Monitoring, keeping track of customer issues from initial contact through to resolution, and building an understanding of repetitive issues is made easier with Maximizer CRM.

  • Track customer issues from technical, to billing, to delivery etc
  • Assign cases based on expertise and not a first come first served basis
  • Track case assignments and escalations to ensure that issues are resolved to the customer's satisfaction
  • Get automatic updates of overdue cases
  • Configure your own dashboards to reflect key performance indicators
  • Via the alert dashboards identify critical issues which require immediate attention
  • Save time by automating the weekly/monthly reports required by management
  • By using the Knowledge Base avoid duplication of effort and share the successful resolution of issues with colleagues
  • Give your customers the ability to search your Knowledge Base online
  • With Workflow Automation (not included in the base product) automate your customer services processes including expiration dates of contracts, and automatically create a case on receipt of an email.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow

Flexible Working From Anywhere

In today's economic clime workforces need to have the flexibility of accessing critical data where ever they are, whenever they need, and using a medium best suited to their demands. Maximizer CRM does just that.

  • Mobile CRM - using mobile devices and smartphones
  • Web Access - log in from anywhere to access customer data using a secure, standard web browser either on premise or hosted

Information On The Fly

Be Ahead Of The Competition.  No Computer, No Information?

Being out of the office with no computer to hand no longer means not being able to access customer information.  Maximizer's Mobile CRM for mobile devices means having customer information available at all times where ever you might be and be ahead of the competition

  • Always be ahead of the competition by responding quickly and efficiently to customer needs and demands.
  • Have real-time access to the entire Maximizer database and track all customer history
  • Update your Maximizer database in real-time to ensure that your colleagues are also on the ball
  • Easily access corporate resources via the Company Library and instantly send out literature, quotes, NDAs etc.
  • Monitor progress and performance with the new dashboards

Remote Workforce Empowerment

Real-Time Access

Maximizer CRM web access enables teams to collaborate and share information where ever they maybe located but still providing the same functionality as the Windows desktop version

  • Have full access to leads, sales opportunities, customer issues, tasks etc
  • Manage and monitor your business performance with real-time dashboards
  • Stay ahead with sales plans, managing of sales and sales reports 
  • Plan marketing campaigns and carry out full marketing campaigns using web  access
  • Host on your company's secure web server or use Maximizer hosted service

Get The Bigger Picture

Real Time Visibilty Into Your Business

Strategic planning and preparation based on informed business decisions is made simpler and quicker with Maximizer CRM out of the box business intelligence.  Real-time dashboards, in depth metrics and timely alerts and reports allow for proaction rather than reaction to your business demands.

  • Monitor key performance indicators across all your customer facing teams
  • See results at a glance using personally configured dashboards
  • Identify outstanding issues and be alert to any potential problems
  • Manage your sales pipeline and keep abreast of what is happening with your bigger deals and best customers
  • Monitor the performance of your business anytime and anywhere with mobile dashboards to your smartphone
  • Maximizer CRM has built in standard reports or generate your own customized reports 

No Need To Commit To Memory

Automated Processes For Monitoring Your Business

Automate business processes by adding workflow automation to your basic Maximizer CRM and remain on top of your business with triggers informing you of any problem areas and also reduce manual processes.

  • Automate any repeated actions to reduce time taken over manual processes
  • Immediate notifications for quick and efficient response to customer needs
  • Generate scheduled reports automatically or build in triggers based on specific business critical events
  • Create automated responses to your customers and in turn alert the relevant person(s) within your organization to any communications from your customers

Support And Accelerate Your Business

Customize Your CRM

Maximizer CRM supports customization at every level to deliver a specific user interface and information required by your organization to streamline company processes. The Customization Suite provides the flexibility you need to alter the software and interface to mirror your business processes as they evolve. Through an easy to use interface IT professionals and developers can customize, integrate and extend the power of Maximizer.

  • Create custom windows and tabs for both Windows desktop and web access
  • Customize Partner and Customer portals to suit your business
  • Connect Maximizer to other in-house systems such as ERP and accounting systems
  • Transfer data from applications seamlessly
  • Synchronize data transfer from systems in real-time or scheduled intervals
  • Sche triggers to transfer data when critical events occur