Specialists in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services Solutions

Nomis Limited specialise in helping companies improve their ability to compete in the marketplace by offering knowledge, expertise and advice in key areas of practice. Our experience has been to develop the NOMIS Framework which we use in defining and refining our clients' sales, marketing, and customer services processes to promote, track, and manage their business activities. The Nomis Framework is implemented via websites, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and SPM (sales performance management) systems offering our clients a great advantage in competing at the highest level of corporate business activity.

Being Efficient and Effective through the Nomis Framework 

The NOMIS Framework helps you align your activities to your clients' and prospects' activities to satisfy their requirements. Using the appropriate technology solution to implement it will help you reach your objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Promoting your Business with Website Design & Development

Use the web to connect and converse with clients and prospects so that you are constantly at the forefront of your potential customers minds when they are in need of your services. 

Tracking your Business with Customer Relationship Management CRM

CRM offers you the opportunity to monitor, store and access all the relevant business information you want so that you can keep your business efficient. 

Manage your Business with Sales Performance Management SPM

SPM offers you the opportunity to effectively manage and refine your business processes to satisfy your clients' needs and meet your business objectives.