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  • Don't Let Your Web Designer Use mailto Tags

    The first thing I look for whenever I appraise a colleagues work is the presence of a mailto tag.  Whilst they are useful and at times necessary so as to be able to provide the user with a quick and easy method of emailling you directly, it is also a very quick way of adding an email address in a SPAM database. 

    SPAMBots are programs that crawl the web looking for websites with visible email addresses (predominantly email addresses within mailto tags).  They literally 'harvest' anything they find: addresses are added to databases, emails are sent, inboxes overflow.

    To check whether mailto tags have been included on your website, navigate to a page you now has a visible email address and carry out the following steps:

    Internet Explorer users:

    • Right Click and choose 'View Source'
    • Press Ctrl + F - this will present you with the 'Find' dialog box
    • Type in ...

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  • Why Should Businesses Automate Parts of Their Sales Process?

    Following the e-shot and blog post last week about TaskCentre for CRM I thought I would follow up and show an example of why businesses should use automation in their sales process. In this short video I show an example of using TaskCentre to automate a simple information processing task such as receiving an enquiry from a website.

    Automation is by no means the panacea of business practice, you can’t automate absolutely everything… but think on it, if you were to go through every process and activity that has to happen to create and maintain a sale you may go through hundreds of activities, junctions, forks and cycles within that process. If there is a causation link that can be measured through the sales process, you will know that missing out any of those links may hamper or at worst destroy the probability of succeeding. Some tasks cannot be automated ...

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  • Business Process Management For CRM with TaskCentre


    Our latest e-shot to go out to our customers focuses on our latest offering with relation to Business Process Management for CRM and discusses the massive power that companies can have automating key processes within their business cycle to maximise efficiency and keep the flow of business going.

    TaskCentre is a great engine to use in setting up and automating processes. It runs in the background and can be set up to perform any amount of detailed activities in response to certain scenarios. Let me give you a scenario where process becomes so important. A lead comes in to your business, it gets taken by a call operative and that lead needs to be assigned to a sales person. That sales person needs notifying either at convenience or straight away (that sales person might be in the office or out at a meeting). That sales person then needs to follow ...

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