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  • How To Measure The Success Of An Email Campaign

    Last week in Email Campaign Terminology Explained I explained the various key phrases and words that are used when discussing email campaigns. This week I will look at email campaigns at a more personal level and as a result the way to measure the success of any campaign.

    There are a variety of schools of thought as to what constitutes a successful campaign: some will measure it by the open rate (this will vary based on the nature of the eShot you sent), some will measure it based on click through rate (this will vary based on the time the recipient has at the moment of receiving your eShot – furthermore some users are savvy enough not to click on a link within an eShot as they assume they will be tracked), some will measure it based on the Return On Investment (ROI) that the eShot generates (this is harder ...

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  • Email Campaign Terminology Explained

    Before you can begin to interpret whether an email campaign has been successful or not it is necessary to understand what terms like "Hard Bounce", "Soft Bounce", "Opt In", "Opt Out" etc mean.

    The A-Z Glossary Of Email Campaign

    A list of IP addresses suspected of sending SPAM

    Emails that are returned to you, as a result of an error such as the email address not being valid, the recipient’s inbox being full etc.

    Click Through Rate (CTR)
    This indicates how many times a link on an email has been clicked.

    Double Opt-In
    This is a process where a user signs up for a service and then, having received an email etc, is then required to confirm their subscription.

    Hard Bounce
    This is when an email is returned to you without it ever reaching the recipient. In cases like this is important to read the return message, as it will ...

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  • How To Write A Striking, Captivating, Enticing Email Campaign Subject Line

    The majority of any preparation time, in terms of an email campaign, is often spent on the content and message of the email itself, yet people forget that the first thing that is read is actually the subject line: the subject line needs to strike a blow, to captivate the recipient, to entice them to read further. The subject line can literally make or break the success of your campaign.

    So what is the magic formula? Well unfortunately there isn't one. There are, however, a handful of tips to bear in mind.

    First The Tips

    There are a variety of approaches your subject line can adopt:

    • The subject line can be treated like a news headline – "'Product X’ is now available with new features and benefits for users"
    • You can be mysterious (not too mysterious mind) enough to arouse a persons curiosity – "Find out the secrets behind a ...

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  • How To Design An Email Marketing Campaign

    On opening up your email today, how many email advertisments did you just discard without opening up? Quite a lot...

    In today’s current climate of SPAM, eShotting or mass emailing has become an art and a science. It has also become a controversial battleground. Previously you were able to send out eShots and people would open them regardless; now because of viruses, worms, Trojans etc. people have lost trust and therefore the task of marketing your services and offerings via email has almost become an up-hill battle. Furthermore, invasive techniques, in other words eShots that try and aggressively sell to the end user are pretty much deleted straight away. The eShot that is more readily received is one that is informative; one that masquerades the sale of a product in the form of a newsletter or press release for example. Here people feel that they are being educated rather than ...

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